Netizens swell to 103 million in China

The number of netizens in China rose to 103 million by late June this year, according to Mao Qian, head of Optical Telecommunications Committee of China Telecommunications Society.

Mao cited the statistics from a report that was just finished based on the 16th survey into the development of the Internet in China, while addressing the on-going 4th Optics Valley of China Int'l Optoelectronic Expo and Forum held in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, central China.

According to Mao, there are 53 million broad-band subscribers, most of whom are ADSL clients.

The latest information from the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry said households with ADSL access outlets totaled 33 million across China, accounting for two thirds of broadband subscribers in the country.

The survey suggests that many broadband subscribers grumble about the speed to surf the Internet: with five percent of the group being "very unsatisfied", and another 17 percent expressing "not quite satisfied", and 40 percent saying "so-so".

Mao was confident that the speed problem to surf the Internet would be solved within two to three years following progress in the technology to expand optic-fiber access to more households.

Source: Xinhua

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