Parties concerned urged to get ready for new round of six-party talks

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan Thursday urged all parties concerned to make preparations for the coming fifth round of six-party talks.

The pressing matter of the moment is to implement all principles and agreements stated in the common document reached at the fourth round of six-party talks and move forward on the course set by the previous round of talks so as to make new achievements at the new round of talks, Kong said at a regular press conference.

All parties exchanged views on various issues of common concern at the fourth-round of six-party talks, which concluded on Sept. 19 in Beijing.

Kong said that a specific date for the coming round of talks has not to be decided by all parties concerned. China, which holds the chairmanship, is discussing with parties concerned for fixing the definite date.

Kong expressed the hope that all parties concerned would stick to their commitment as agreed in the common document, namely, making joint efforts to bring about enduring peace and stability in northeast Asia. Parties "directly concerned" will sit by the bargaining table to discuss the establishment of a mechanism for permanent peace on the Korean peninsula.

Referring to the visit of Li Bin, Chinese envoy in charge of Korean Peninsula affairs, to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), the United States and the Republic of Korea (ROK), the spokesman said that Li had visited the DPRK, and held talks with Christopher Hill, head of the US delegation to the six-party talks, during his visit to the United States. He will visit ROK soon.

Source: Xinhua

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