25 percent of Chinese wives disappointed by sex

In contrast to their wives, a quarter of whom say they are unsatisfied by sex, it seems China's husbands have little to complain about when it comes to matters carnal.

According to a nationwide online poll published at the weekend, while only 10 per cent of men are unhappy with the quality of marital sex, nearly 25 per cent of wives are disappointed with service between the sheets.

Just over half the women, 54.2 per cent, said sex played a significant role in their marriage, the survey, jointly launched by the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Sex Science Society, reported.

Nearly one-in-eight women, 12.4 per cent, said they rarely or never experienced sexual pleasure, while for men the figure shrank to just 3.4 per cent.

"Traditional Chinese moral concepts require women to be restrained and behave in a reserved manner, but men are more active in sexual life," said Ma Xiaonian, director of the Chinese Sex Science Society, who announced the results at a forum on sex medicine in Chongqing, Southwest China.

In ancient China, men played a dominant role in social issues, politics, families, and sexual affairs. Women were usually regarded as passive service providers in sex and their role was to satisfy men.

"The poll indicates that a large number of Chinese women have problems with their sex lives," said Ma, stressing that sexual satisfaction does not purely rely on physical pleasure.

Source: China Daily

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