First Chinese professional video search engine debuts

The first professional video search engine in Chinese,, launched its initial public test Wednesday, making it also the first search engine with .tv as domain name in China. is produced by Autonomy, the UK system software company that introduced English version to the world.

The company said that by keying in a word or sentence, Internet users can get a list of related clips of TV or broadcast news, audio and video files on its website.

According to the website, provides advanced searching services like the digitalization of audio or video news, and the extraction, analysis and automatic indexation of video contents, which can satisfy the needs of Chinese media in respect to audio and video resource management and development.

It has reached cooperation agreements with various TV broadcast stations and well-known on-line video service providers, the website said.

The public test of has brought attention to the Chinese search engine market again.

Search giant Google bought 2.6 percent of last year in a move to take over the tiny Chinese startup. But the China Internet Network Information Center reported in a survey conducted in August that Inc. boosted its market share in Beijing by 10.8 percentage points to 52 percent. Google Inc.'s share was at 33 percent.

China's Internet population hit 103 million by June this year, second only to the United States, according to the China Internet Network Information Center.

Source: Xinhua

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