China to issue state-level regulations on fireworks

China will issue national fireworks regulations before the year-end to give the country's high-risk industry further safety guarantee, authorities said Wednesday in Changsha.

The regulations will give detailed stipulations on production, transportation, storage, distribution and usage of fireworks. Those who violate the rules will take responsibilities and be punished strictly.

"The regulations will bring the fireworks industry under discipline and provide legal basis for relevant regulatory bodies to oversee the industry," said Li Wanchun, deputy director of the chemical safety department under the State Administration of Work Safety, at a seminar on fireworks safety in Liuyang, one of China's major fireworks production bases in central China's Hunan Province.

Li said the draft of the regulations had already been completed and is now soliciting opinions from related government departments. It is likely to come out before the end of this year.

Beijing has lifted a 12-year ban on fireworks last month, allowing residents to set off fire-crackers in designated areas during the Lunar New Year festival.

Experts said Beijing's move may set a model for other cities and the demand for fireworks is expected to grow sharply, which poses a potential challenge for safety administration.

Last month, the safety committee of the State Council carried out safety checks in major fireworks production provinces and regions including Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi and Anhui.

At present, China has more than 6,604 fireworks and firecrackers manufacturers and 150,000 distributors, but only 1,815 producers have obtained safety permits.

China has issued local fireworks regulations of all levels but yet to have a national one.

Source: Xinhua

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