Myanmar to launch first digital library

Myanmar will launch a digital reference library early next year to promote research on modern Myanmar literature, according to journalist circle Sunday.

The library, the first of its kind in Myanmar, will be set up by the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association (MWJA) and compilation has been underway since late last year on a database containing information of over 300 authors, including biographies of some famous authors.

The library will be named after Tekkatho Htin Kyi alias U Tin Maung, a writer and journalist who died in January last year after devoting his life to compiling information about Myanmar literature, the MWJA said.

The Tekkatho Htin Kyi Digital Reference Library will serve as a comprehensive source of information about Myanmar literature from the 20th century to the contemporary era, it said.

Htin Kyi was presented with a National Literary Award in 1992 for a book on the history of the press in Myanmar and a Southeast Asian Write Award in 2001.

Meanwhile, the Myanmar government annually presents literary awards to successful winners on the occasion of Myanmar's Poets' Day and in December last year, it presented 61 national-level literary awards for 2003 to encourage preservation and promotion of literary and cultural heritage.

Besides, the Sarpay Beikman (Myanmar Translation Society), established in 1947, has published numerous magazines, lexicons, illustrated journals and volumes of Myanmar encyclopedia as well as extends its manuscript award to literary talents every year.

To raise the level of Myanmar literature, the MWJA also organized literary talk show, book fairs and ceremonies to pay respects to senior and old-aged literate in the country.

Source: Xinhua

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