China has over one million poets

China is witnessing a boom in the number of poets and their verses published over the past decades, due to the revival of Chinese traditional culture and improving educational background of its citizens and diversity of the whole society.

"There are at least 1 million poets across China," says Sun Yiqing, president of the China Poets Society.

Ancient poems and verse passed from the Tang and Song Dynasties (618-1279), a period that saw flourish of poetry in Chinese history, have been considered one of the most important cultural heritages (if not the single most important part), and the revival of the traditional culture in the past decades and the rapid changes to the modern Chinese society have helped to bring about a renaissance of poetry, he said.

The China Poets Society alone sports a membership of more than 10,000. With members of provincial, municipal and county-level societies considered, the country has more than 1 million poets, he told a seminar earlier this week.

The country also has more than 500 poetry publications, which introduce more than 100,000 new poems and verse annually.

Poets are best known for their strong passion and in most cases, agony. Of course some are unhappy with a good reason. One complained that this particular form of art is being endangered by the invasion of popular TV shows and even commercials.

Many fellow poets are just playing with words and catering to the public interests, which leads to "the collapse of the soul of the poetry."

"Many poems amuse me more than they touch me," a poet said.

Source: Xinhua

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