Canada's military not prepared for crisis: report

Canada's military lacks a coordinated crisis plan to work together in case of war or a natural disaster such as the devastating US hurricanes, according to a report written by a Canadian military historian.

Jack Granatstein investigated into the state of Canada's part- time soldiers, sailors and pilots and concluded that there is no communication between army, navy or air force reserves when it comes to crisis planning.

Four years after the terrorist attacks on the US, no crisis plan melding Canadian military resources has been drafted, Granatstein said in his report prepared for the Calgary-based Canadian Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute.

"In the event of a terrorist attack on Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, the presence of 1,000 or 2,000 trained reservists ( would) certainly be invaluable to the civil authority in preserving public order and in tasks of rescue, containment and cleanup," the report said.

The Canadian Forces does not even have accurate records of its retired specialists and other trained personnel to call upon in a time of crisis, the document pointed out.

"If Canada faced an emergency, the CF would be dependent on the goodwill and public spirit of these former members to step forward, this is simply not acceptable," said Granatstein.

Yet Granatstein is hopeful that an integrated defense command headquarters established in July will make the forces to cooperate.

A conference of military leaders is expected to discuss the report's findings in December, according to reports.

Source: Xinhua

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