Joint health problem serious in Asia: survey

A research result was announced on Tuesday in Hong Kong that more than one in four Asian people aged between 29 and 64 suffered joint health problems in the last 12 months.

The research about joint health problems of Asian people was conducted by leading international research institute Synovate and commissioned by Merck Consumer Health Care. It was conducted in five regions in Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

The research also showed that 47 percent of joint problem sufferers said their condition has impacted significantly on their daily lives, which indicated that such problem was serious in Asia.

Among the five regions where the research was conducted, Indonesia was found to be the region suffering the most serious joint problem, while Hong Kong ranked second, with a total of 26 percent of people in the city said they suffer joint pain in the past 12 months.

Physicians pointed out that such situation could be attributed to fast and busy life of Hong Kong. They appealed to the public to pay close attention to joint problems which could affect quality of daily life.

A study done by the Cardiff University of the United Kingdom showed that triomega can play in the maintenance of healthy joints.

Researchers of the university used triomega fatty acids in culture systems to study their effects on cartilage metabolism, which demonstrated triomega is effective in helping slow down the progression of cartilage destruction and reduce inflammatory mediators commonly associated with arthritis.

Source: Xinhua

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