Shenzhou-6 spaceship finishes assembling

The Shenzhou-6 spaceship has arrived in Jiuquan and the mysteriousness surrounding it has finally been unveiled. The assembling of the Shenzhou-6 spaceship has been finished and the shape of the Shenzhou-6 spaceship is no different from that of the Shenzhou-5. During its flight orbiting the earth the Shenzhou-6 will continue to fly on its orbit after the orbit cabin separates from the return cabin and will conduct a series of scientific experiments. Meanwhile it can also serve as a target craft for future docking in the space.

It was learned that the Shenzhou-6 spaceship is scheduled to be launched in mid October, on 13 at the earliest. The relevant departments are making preparations for launch on October 13. However, since the "launch window" is a period of time there is a possibility that the launch may be delayed in light of actual situation.

The Shenzhou-5 blasted off on October 15, 2003. At that time officials with the commanding headquarters of China's manned spaceflight project announced on October 10 that China would launch China's first manned spaceflight between October 15 and 17. Therefore the Shezhou-6 is also expected to be launched before October 17.

The main landing site for the return cabin of the Shenzhou-6 is, like the Shenzhou-5, Siziwangqi in the middle of Inner Mongolia. The recovery crew at Siziwangqi is in a state of active preparation.

By People's Daily Online

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