Misconducts on the Internet "voted" by Chinese netizens

People's Daily today reports that 10 behaviors have been regarded by Chinese netizens as "uncivil" in the cyber space: dissimilating rumors and false information; creating and spreading Internet virus; hackers' attacks; unsolicited mails; curses and offences at forums and chat rooms; porn chats; prying into and spreading others' privacy; usurping others' Internet accounts; unsolicited ads, downloading and registration; plugging porn, violent and eccentric contents.

These misconducts have been "voted" by more than 100,000 visits from Sept.8 to 15 in an online survey jointly organized by several central government departments and leading networks, including www.people.com.cn, www.xinhuanet.com, www.gmw.cn, www.cctv.com, www.cyol.net, www.sina.com.cn and www.sohu.com .

By People's Daily Online

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