Bush appreciates China's assistance to US hurrican-hit areas

US President George W. Bush expressed his appreciation for China's assistance to the hurricane-hit areas in a recent meeting with his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao in New York, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Thursday.

Qin told a regular press conference that the Chinese government and people showed deep sympathy and condolences to the US government and people over the human and property losses in the southern states hit by Hurricane Katrina. China offered assistance to the best of its ability.

"US government officials spoke highly of China's help on different occasions," said Qin, adding that he hoped the Chinese assistance will help the people in the disaster-stricken states to rebuild their homeland.

The US states of Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were hit by Hurricane Katrina, the strongest since 1969, in late August, causing heavy human and property losses. The overall death toll from the hurricane rose to 708 by Wednesday, with estimated losses over 100 billion US dollars.

Source: Xinhua

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