Chinese Lü surname history

Surname Lü is a branch of surname Jiang. According to historical records, Bo Yi, descendant of Emperor Yan and grandson of Gong Gong, was conferred with surname Jiang and family name Lü, and granted title of Marquis Lü for his loyal assistance to three Emperors of Yao, Shun and Yu. This is believed to be the origin of surname Lü.

The lineal descendants of Marquis Lü established State Lü, with its sphere of influence covering the southern part of Shanxi and later expanding to Nanyang in Henan province. Jiang Shang (better known as Jiang Ziya), offspring of Marquis Lü was granted title of Marquis Qi for his contribution in helping Emperor Wen and Emperor Wu of State Zhou to exterminate Shang Dynasty. Later descendants of State Lü took the name of their country as their surname upon the downfall of State Lü, thus becoming the mainstream of family name Lü. After the State Qi was destroyed, some descendants also took Lü as their surname.

Apart from the offspring of Marquis Lü, some people with surname Ji who were granted territories that was former State Lü joined the Lü surname family. Additionally, a tribe of Xianbei nationality took surname Lü during the reform by Emperor Xiaowen of the Wei. During the Later Zhou Dynasty, Lvling, another branch of Xianbei nationality change their surname into Lü.

Since Bo Yi set up surname Lü, Lü clan had not made large-scale migration until Yuan Dynasty. Lü people moved to inland regions and lived there, and some of them migrated as far as to Taiwan, or even overseas, settling down in foreign lands ever since.

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