Chinese peace-keeping force formed for Sudan mission

China has established a force to carry out peace-keeping mission in Sudan, at the request of the United Nations, according to the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Jinan Area Command.

A ceremony was held in the city of Laiyang, east China's Shandong Province, Thursday to announce the formation of the force that comprises a 275-member engineering corps, a 100-member transport unit and a 60-member medical team.

The Chinese peace-keeping force will be held accountable mainly for constructing and repairing roads, airports, bridges, and waterworks and power-supply facilities, and doing medical work.

On March 24, the United Nations Security Council passed the Resolution No. 1590, to set up a peace-keeping force to help resume normal order in southern Sudan and, on March 29, China was requested to dispatch its peace-keeping troops by the UN peace-keeping agencies.

The first batch of Chinese peace-keepers, numbering 165, are expected to leave for Sudan in October to carry out the peace-keeping mission.

Source: Xinhua

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