Astronauts for Shenzhou-6 to be selected

The Shenzhou-6 manned spaceship, with the 2010 Shanghai World Expo flag onboard will be launched soon, general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Zhang Qingwei revealed at the inauguration ceremony for the Shanghai new aviation zone project. The astronauts will soon board the spaceship to conduct testing, and the two astronauts to go with Shenzhou-6 will be selected.

"Shenzhou-6 is set to blast off in September, or October basically," Zhang told reporter. Aviation departments are testing the spaceship and the on-site testing will soon begin. The launching day is to be determined according to the result of on-site tests. But it will come soon.

At present a few groups of astronauts have been selected. But the two who will go onboard the Shenzhou-6 will not be determined until the rehearsal is finished.

Aside from two astronauts, the flag of the Shanghai World Expo will be carried onboard the spaceship.

By People's Daily Online

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