Bush vows to probe gov't response to hurricane

US President George W. Bush promised Tuesday that he will lead an investigation into his government's response to Hurricane Katrina and find out what went wrong and why.

In an address delivered after meeting with key cabinet members in the White House, Bush said he intends to "lead an investigation to find out what went right and what went wrong" in the country's response to the killer storm which probably killed thousands of people.

"Bureaucracy is not going to stand in the way of getting the job done for the people," he noted.

However, Bush cautioned that at present there is no time to play "blame games," referring to criticism of government's unreadiness and slow response to the disaster.

"We got to solve problems. There will be ample time to figure out what went right and what went wrong," he said.

In a related move, Bush announced that he is sending his deputy Dick Cheney to the hurricane-ravaged areas in the south on Thursday to check whether his administration tried it best in prevention and relief efforts.

Although many criticisms are targeting government officials for their slow response to the hurricane disaster, there is no suggestions from Bush on whether anyone will be fired for these failures.

Source: Xinhua

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