More than 20,000 missing in New Orleans

By now the confirmed death toll of Hurricane Katrina is 198 people, with more than 20,000 missing. The final death number, many people feared, may be over thousands. It is learned that in New Orleans alone, which was the worst hit, economic losses amounted to 1 trillion US dollars.

The losses mainly come from flood, wind and waves, damage in infrastructure and indirect economic impact. New Orleans saw at least 150,000 houses flooded and 80 percent of the whole city is now soaked in water.

Besides, the city was in chaos when looting, gunfire and rape followed in the wake of the hurricane.

Reconstruction work in the city will not be started until next summer, which will make the city out of use for at least 9 months and leave many residents homeless for as long as two years.

By People's Daily Online

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