Spanish Red Cross team travel to US to support humanitarian actions

Five specialists and a press delegate of the Spanish Red Cross traveled on Sunday to the United States to support the aid distribution for victims of hurricane Katrina.

Coordinator of the group Inigo Vila said the trip responds to a request by the US Red Cross for the presence of volunteers to coordinate distribution duties in the disaster zone.

Vina said they will arrive in Alabama on Monday morning to take part in the Red Cross activities and approach the disaster zone.

The team has the main task of making sure that "aid reaches those in need as quickly as possible, both at Red Cross centers and at hot food distribution points."

"This expedition is like any other," Vina stressed. "It is surprising it should be the United States, but there are vulnerable people that are suffering and need humanitarian aid. Perhaps the difference is that in this case we will count on more means in less time."

The Spanish will remain in the disaster area for a month, and after that period they will decide whether to send another team or consider the mission accomplished.

Source: Xinhua

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