Venezuela makes official aid offer to help US hurrican victims

Venezuelan has decided to send fuel and humanitarian relief to help the United States recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

In a communique to the US Embassy in Caracas, the Foreign Ministry on Friday reiterated President Hugo Chavez's aid offer to the United States. Chavez, who has criticized the Bush administration for failing to react quickly to the disaster in New Orleans, pledged to send aid earlier this week.

Venezuela has offered to Louisiana state Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco immediate aid amounting to 1 million US dollars in cash and 120 rescue specialists with first-aid teams.

Foreign Ministry information said that over 70 percent of the Venezuelans living in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama could be affected, with their houses and belongings being flooded or destroyed.

The assistance would include two field hospitals each of which can treat 150 people, 10 water-purification plants, 8 power generators, 20 tons of bottled water and 50 tons of canned food.

Source: Xinhua

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