China to host Sino-African summit next year to promote cooperation

China will host a summit meeting involving Chinese and African leaders next year in Beijing, in a bid to institute the layout of Sino-African cooperation.

Lu Guozeng, Chinese assistant foreign minister, told the Fourth Senior Officials Meeting of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum started here on Monday that the summit will be accompanied by the Third ministerial meeting of the forum.

"Since the second ministerial conference held in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia at the end of 2003, China and Africa have worked vigorously to implement follow-up actions with quite some effective measures, which have achieved expected results," Lu said.

China and Africa maintained a frequent exchange of high-level visits and close consultation and cooperation in international affairs since then, he said.

The two sides also carried out sound economic and trade cooperation and fruitful cooperation in human resource training, peace-keeping, environmental protection, tourism, culture, education and sanitation.

"The forum has become a good, effective mechanism for consultation and dialogue and a sound platform for practical cooperation between China and African countries," he said.

The senior diplomat said China will, along with Africa partners, further enrich the new China-Africa partnership featuring long-term stability, equality, mutual benefit and an all-round cooperation.

Haile-Kiros Gessesse, special envoy for China-Africa Cooperation Forum of Ethiopia, told the opening ceremony of the meeting that both Africa and China exerted relentless efforts to implement the Addis Ababa Action Plan adopted by the ministerial conference.

He said China's duty-free grant for some African products is "indeed an encouraging development". He also appreciated China's contribution to Africa's human resource training and aid in other fields.

China's development experience is helpful for African countries and he hopes to enhance Sino-African cooperation in the spheres of trade and investment, he said.

Delegations from 46 African countries and observers from six African regional organizations attended the two-day senior officials' meeting in the Chinese capital.

Source: Xinhua

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