Chinese surname history: Zhuge

In the Xia Dynasty the king of state Ge was conferred the title count and called Count Ge. Count Ge was the offspring of the ancient emperor Getian. After Count Ge's state was destroyed some of its people migrated to the southwest of Zhucheng (Zhu city), then to Yangdu in Shandong. To distinguish themselves from the local Zhu-surnamed people the latecomers put the character Zhu in front of Ge to form the compound surname Zhuge.

For a long time the Zhuge-surnamed viewed Zhucheng as their inhabitation center and kept expanding outward. The widely known Zhuge Liang often called himself "Zhuge Kongming from Langya (in Shandong)". Notable figures in history with the surname Zhuge are too numerous to be counted. There were Zhuge Feng ¨C a Metropolitan Commander in Western Han Dynasty; Zhuge Jin, Zhuge Ke and his son ¨Cadvisers of Kingdom Wu in the Three Kingdoms period; Zhuge Shuang in Tang Dynasty and Zhuge Gao who was known for making good brush pens in Song Dynasty. But the one the Zhuge-surnamed are most proud of is their outstanding ancestor Zhuge Liang.

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