Russia, China work together to form of new world order in 21st century

Russia and China are working together to help form of a new world order in the 21st century that will be based on multipolarity, respect for international law and a leading role for the UN, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Alexeyev said on Monday.

The Russian diplomat said it at the Chinese embassy in Moscow during an official function devoted to the 60th anniversary of the country's liberation from the Japanese occupation.

Alexeyev highlighted Russia's deep knowledge and appreciation of the contribution the Chinese people did to the victory in the World War II.

Chinese Ambassador in Moscow Liu Guchang said in his turn that the Chinese people would never forget the feat of the Soviet Army in the liberation of China from Japanese militarism.

He also expressed profound gratitude to all the Russian veterans who took part in the liberation of his country.

The ambassador said that China would follow the way of peaceful development of good-neighborly relations with Russia, a most plausible factor behind maintaining the cause of peace and stability.

Liu Guchang underlined that Moscow and Beijing should work jointly within the framework of the United Nations Security Council.

At present, the Russian-Chinese relations are the highest point they have ever gotten to during the entire history of the bilateral contacts, the diplomat added.

Source: Agencies

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