600 mln US dollars invested for rebuilding Afghan army

The US army has invested over 600 million dollars during the current year to rebuild the fledgling Afghan National Army (ANA) and its facilities, commander of US army Engineering Department in Afghanistan said Monday.

"The value of our active contract is 630 million US dollars. We are currently working to award the reminder of our fiscal year 2005 contracts to a total of about 500 million dollars," Christopher J. Toomey told media at a press conference.

Sixty million dollars of this amount will be spent on construction of headquarters, company facilities and border crossing points mostly in the eastern portion of the country, he added.

"These facilities provide a vital security and counter-narcotics upgrade to the current Afghan national assets," stressed the US army official.

Toomey, who transferred from Iraq to Afghanistan last month, said his prime goal includes oversight of construction, rehabilitation and refurbishment of Afghan army facilities here.

"We are building ANA bases in Herat, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif and Gardez. Each installation has its own independent power plant and waste water treatment station to ensure power and running water," he said.

The projects, completed so far, could support over 35,000 soldiers, he said. Another 500 to 600 million US dollars, he added will be awarded in contract in fiscal year 2006.

Source: Xinhua

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