US military to help build shelter for displaced Afghans

The US military in Afghanistan as part of its commitment in rebuilding the war-torn nation has agreed to help authorities build shelter for some 2,000 displaced families in the capital city, commander of the US army Engineering Department in Afghanistan said Monday.

"Representatives from the Afghan Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Refugees, Kabul Municipality, USA ID and I signed a memorandum of understanding on a multi-phase project on July 23 to provide housing for displaced Afghans," Christopher J. Toomey told journalists.

The project, he said, would be built on 270 acres of land in Chil Dukhtaran area of Char Asiab southwest of Kabul.

"It will provide dwellings for up to 2,000 displaced families currently living in Kabul," he added.

However, he declined to say the budget sanctioned for the project.

More than 2,000 internally displaced Afghan families have been living in the war-damaged buildings in the capital city Kabul over the past three years.

This is the first time that the US military gets involved in building accommodation for displaced and destitute Afghans.

Source: Xinhua

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