World Bank finances development of Mozambique's tourist infrastructures

The World Bank is to grant, as from January next year, 35 million US dollars, to be invested in the development of infrastructures in the Mozambican tourism sector, local media reported Wednesday.

The sum will be used to supporting activities in national and cross-border parks, including the development of access roads, camping sites, and competent inspection, among others.

This money will also be used to create conditions to improve the living conditions of the communities dwelling in those areas, who will thus be able to make partnerships in new ventures.

According to Mozambican Tourism Minister Fernando Sumbana, for inspection activities, this ministry has already drafted a program for the year 2006 that will cover the whole country, with particular emphasis to the Gorongosa National Park and Gile Reserve Game, all in central Mozambique.

Sumbana added that the Mozambican government is striving to attract Chinese tourists, and is negotiating for the training of Mozambicans in China so that they understand the cultural aspects of that Asian country.

"The tourism sector is promoting opportunities for Chinese investments in Mozambique, because we want to attract Chinese citizens to start coming to our country as a tourism destination," said Sumbana.

"When they travel here they make a huge difference. Currently they are take other destinations, such as South Africa, Kenya, and Zambia. I believe that we will also deserve the attention of the Chinese in a near future," said Sumbana.

Source: Xinhua

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