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UPDATED: 13:12, August 03, 2005
Safeguard fruits of WWII victory by law
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The recollection of WWII reminds many people of a book - The Diary of Anne Frank, a diary of a 14-year-old girl, which records the life of a Jewish family in a "backroom" in Holland's capital under the rule of Nazi Germany.

It is no ordinary diary because it tells people to live and forever remember; because its author -- a Jewish German girl Anne honestly believes in the goodness and kindness of human heart no matter what. Anne, by merit of this diary, became the symbol of the 6 million Jews persecuted to death during the WWII. Her diary, since its appearance in June 1947, has been translated into 55 languages and turned out 25 million copies. Plays and TV dramas adapted from the diary run with unflagging popularity and visitors from various parts of the world come to visit the "backroom" in endless streams.

The reason the world and people's heart are so moved by The Diary of Anne Frank is because it was written by a pure and innocent young girl, who with a young and unadorned touch, recorded her pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy and yearning for the future. It describes the situation, experience and feelings of her family, expressing heartfelt call and longing for the happy human life with the innocence and goodness of human nature. Perhaps she didn't know that separated by a wall from the "backroom" the outside world was filled with reigning terror which was destroying numerous innocent lives! Therefore, the most moving part of The Diary of Anne Frank is its truthfulness.

On the other hand, there are also various strange tales and theories doubting the authenticity of the diary in defiance of the general trend valuing it. In light of this, the Dutch court made an unusual move and confirmed the diary's authenticity after conducting scientific appraisals on the diary's paper, ink and handwriting. It declared in 1998 that anyone who vilifies The Diary of Anne Frank would receive criminal punishment and be fined 25,000 guilders. Relevant laws also banned the sale of publications libeling the book. It was an important move in safeguarding the fruits of WWII victory with the law.

As a matter of fact, cruel situations were not limited to Europe only. At the same time Anne wrote the diary, in the east of the earth the brutal Japanese aggressors were wielding bloody weapons toward the Asian peoples. The unparalleled savagery of the Nanjing Massacre that shocked the world deprived hundreds of thousands Chinese of their lives, plunging Nanjing into blood and fire. Regrettably, rightist forces in Japan are still doing their utmost to erase the irrefutable historical fact of the Nanjing Massacre up to this very day, dreaming to exculpate the militarism and make later generations forget the history. Moreover, Junichiro Koizumi, as the Prime Minister of Japan, paid several visits to the Yasukuni Shrine, conducting "dialogue of souls" with the Class-A war criminals executed by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East.

In the face of the infamous behaviors of a few Japanese some scholars said concerned parties should draw on the practice of the Dutch court and hold crimes actions vilifying the verity of the historical fact by delivering solemn sentence accordingly. They should employ legal weapons to defend the truthfulness of the Nanjing Massacre by making those who wag tongues to stand facts on their heads pay, and those politicians condemned and tried who worship historical criminals and seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese and other Asian peoples.

It has been 60 years since the victory of the anti-fascist war. However, reflection on the war by people in the world has not ended yet. The objective of the sincere and profound reflection is to prevent repeat of historical tragedy, which is naturally the common desire of billions of good and honest people like Anne. As to those abominable behaviors that keep denying the history and dreaming to reverse the verdict, one should resort to legal weapons to stop and crack down on them. Only by this way can the fruits of WWII victory not be nibbled away and human justice not be trampled on.

By People's Daily Online

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