Russia, US discuss joint exploration of Moon, Mars

Russia and the USA are discussing the possibility of joint exploration of the Moon and Mars, said a statement of the Russian Roskosmos space agency and NASA in connection with the 30th anniversary of the Soyuz-Apollo program, Itar-Tass reported Wednesday.

These days Russia and the USA are on the eve of a new stage of large-scale cooperation in the development of space, the document stressed. Discussions underway on ways to expand it in the interests of exploration of the Moon and Mars and more distant prospects are basing on a long history of successful cooperation in space between the two countries, the document emphasized.

A successful docking of Soyuz and Apollo became a turning point in Russian-American cooperation and laid the groundwork for future international cooperation in peaceful uses of outer space.

The International Space Station program, bringing together 16 states including Russia, is carried out within the framework of such cooperation, the document stressed. That project is one of the most difficult ever, the statement emphasized.

Source: Agencies

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