China denies explosives in London attack coming from Chinese military plant

UPDATED: 14:08, July 22, 2005

China on Friday denied the report that the explosives used in London terrorist attacks early this month might come from a Chinese military plant.

It was reported that the Israeli intelligence agency had claimed that the explosives used in the London bomb attack on July 7 might come from China. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said such a "rash guess" is "extremely irresponsible."

The spokesman said China took the assertion seriously and carried out an investigation after learning the report. But no such a military production plant or laboratory that was cited in the report had been found in Chinese military companies.

Investigators did not find the reported explosives on the list of the military gunpowder or explosives that China makes or exports, Kong said.

Currently the British police is still investigating the July 7 terrorist bomb attack in London. Kong said, "It is extremely irresponsible to make such a rash guess before a clear conclusion is made."

Source: Xinhua

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