US calls for response from DPRK on proposal

The United States on Tuesday urged the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to make a response to the proposal that the United States put forward during the last round of six-party talks in June last year.

"It's important that North Korea come back prepared to talk in a serious way about how to move forward on that proposal. We still have not heard a response to the proposal that is on the table. We believe that proposal addresses the concerns of all parties and that it's the way to move forward to resolve the nuclear issue," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said at a briefing.

McClellan stressed the goal of the six-party talks is to realize a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

The US proposal, offered in June 2004, has been denounced by the DPRK as unbalanced because the DPRK would have been required to disclose all of its nuclear programs and have its claims verified, before the United States took any steps in return.

The DPRK has agreed to return to the six-party talks in the week of July 25. The talks have been stalled since the last round of talks were held in Beijing in June last year.

Source: Xinhua

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