Chinese Kong surname history

Surnames Zi, Tai and Yi developed into surname Kong

Surname Kong has a rather long history among Chinese surnames. Its ancestry can be traced back to Di Ku, grandson of Xuanyuan Huangdi (the Yellow Emperor) who lived about 4,000 years ago. Therefore, people with surname Kong are believed to be the descendants of the Yellow Emperor.

According to historical records, Qi, son of Di Ku and the earliest ancestor of Shang Dynasty, was surnamed Zi. During the reign of King Tang in Shang Dynasty, the given name of Tang was Taiyi, his surname Zi, so his full name was Zi Taiyi. Later, some of his descendants combined his surname Zi with one character Yi from his given name to form a new surname Kong in commemoration of King Tang.

Aside from the descendants of the Yellow Emperor, there are also six other sources of surname Kong according to legend. However, since Confucius was born among the descendants of the Yellow Emperor, the Kong family derived from this branch became the most popular one among all Kong offspring. Subsequently it received respects from imperial families through the ages, maintaining a supreme social status. From then on, all the branches of Kong families came over and pledged allegiance to this branch, worshipping Confucius as their ancestor.

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