Chinese Zhuang surname history

According to the Manuscript of the Words and Deeds of Virtuous Clans , people with surname Zhuang are descendants of king Zhuang of the State of Chu in Spring and Autumn period. The descendants adopted the posthumous title of king Zhuang as their surname. Another group of people with the surname Zhuang came from State of Song. King Dai of Song was named Zhuang, and his offspring later took Zhuang as their family name.

From the Warring States period to Qin and Han Dynasties, surname Zhuang experienced two big changes. First, Zhuang Qiao, descendant of king Zhuang of Chu, went to attack Bashu State under orders, but he was blocked by Qin troops on his way home. He had no alternative but to proclaim himself king in Dian. Second, Emperor Ming of Eastern Han Dynasty was named Zhuang, therefore many people with surname Zhuang changed their surnames so as to avoid the taboo on the personal name of Emperor Ming. In the period of Sixteen States, surname Zhuang spread from Hubei and Hunan to other regions in the country, such as Guansu, Zhejiang, Fujian as well as Shandong.

There is no lack of celebrities in Zhuang family circle: for instance, Zhuang Jia, a senior official with State of Qi in Spring and Autumn period; Zhuang Qiao, who proclaimed himself king in Dian in the Warring States period; Zhuang Ji, an expert on "poetic prose" in Western Han Dynasty; Zhuang Chuo, a well-known writer in Song Dynasty; Zhuang Su, who was famous for his rich collections of books in Song and Yuan Dynasties; calligrapher Zhuang Yougong; Zhuang Cunyu and Zhuang Youke, experts on the study of Confucian classics; Zhuang Datian, leader of peasant uprising; as well as Zhuang Tinglong, who led to the incident of "Ming History Inquisition" -- imprisonment of him for compiling History of Ming Dynasty considered offensive by the imperial court in Qing Dynasty; and chemist Zhuang Changgong in contemporary times.

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