Chinese premier sends message to African Union summit

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao sent on Monday a congratulatory message to the fifth African Union (AU) summit, praising the increasingly important role the regional organization has played in promoting economic cooperation, coordinating foreign policies of African countries and enhancing peacekeeping missions.

The AU "has become the most important inter-governmental political and economic organization for peace and development in Africa," said Wen in the message.

He spoke highly of the relations between China and the AU, saying that the two sides have conducted fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation in various areas and constantly deepened their traditional friendship.

China is ready to further develop with the AU a "new-type strategic partnership featuring equality, mutual trust and cooperation for win-win results so as to bring benefit to both the Chinese and African people," said the message.

Wen said that the international community should, in the UN reform process, place more emphasis on addressing the concerns of developing countries, including issues such as poverty and marginalization.

A strengthened UN role, greater multilateralism and stronger international cooperation for development should be the main tasks of the UN reform, Wen said.

He said that the reform of the UN Security Council should be predicated on the premise of increasing the representation of developing countries, serving the common interests of all member states and reaching extensive consensus.

"China is willing to strengthen coordination and cooperation with African countries and the AU towards this goal," Wen said.

The fifth AU summit is scheduled for July 4-5 in Sirte, Libya.

Source: Xinhua

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