Chinese president says Sino-Russian relations enter a new phase

Chinese President Hu Jintao said Sino-Russian relations have entered a new phase amid closer cooperation in various fields.

Hu made the remark in a joint interview from Russia's Itar-Tass News Agency and Channel One TV station on the eve of his Russia visit starting on Thursday.

Hu answered questions concerning the China-Russia strategic partnership, bilateral economic and trade cooperation, key international issues and the development of China's reform and opening-up.

Describing China and Russia as friendly neighbors, Hu said under joint efforts the two countries have established strategic partnership and signed a Sino-Russian Good-Neighborly Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation.

The two sides have deepened political trust and enhanced cooperation in such fields as trade and economy, science and technology, culture and military affairs, said Hu.

The two countries have also supported each other on issues concerning national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and conducted effective cooperation on major international and regional issues, the Chinese president said.

The two countries should deepen political trust, strengthen strategic cooperation and promote the establishment of a just and reasonable international political and economic order to safeguard world peace and stability, Hu said.

Hu said the two countries should promote pragmatic cooperation in trade, energy, science and technology, and military affairs to enrich the China-Russia strategic partnership.

Hu also called for cultural exchanges between the two countries, noting that they should expand non-governmental exchanges and keep consolidating the social basis of bilateral friendship.

Hu spoke highly of the Russia Year in China and the China Year in Russia to be held in 2006 and 2007 respectively, which was decided in a joint statement during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to China last year.

The activities cover such fields as politics, economy, culture, education, science and technology and non-governmental exchanges and are significant for deepening traditional friendship and boosting mutually beneficial cooperation, said Hu.

China attaches great importance to the activities, which are expected to help increase understanding and friendship between the two peoples, especially young people of the two countries.

Source: Xinhua

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