Chinese giant salamander originated in Asia: scientists

As Professor Gao Keqin from Beijing University and researchers of the United States found in their joint studies, the ancestors of Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) had been living in today's Inner Mongolia region in north China since 165 million years ago.

The finding pushes the appearance of the world rare animal 100 million years earlier.

Before the discovery, the earliest fossils of such animals were found in North America, dating back to about 60 million years ago.

In 2002, Professor Gao and US researchers discovered 200 fossils of salamandra laurenti at a volcanic sediment stratum of Jurassic age in Ningcheng County in Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. After comprehensive analyses, the researchers all agreed that the origin of cryptobranchiate animals including Chinese giant salamander should be Jurassic Asian continent instead of North America.

By People's Daily Online

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