Israelis poison Palestinian lands before withdrawal: Dahlan

Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs Mohamed Dahlan accused on Wednesday the Jewish settlers for poisoning the lands in the settlements that Israel is intending to evacuate in mid August.

Dahlan told reporters in Gaza that the aim of poisoning the lands is to cause severe damages to them in order not to use them after the Israeli army withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

"We have definite information that the Israeli settlers are poisoning the lands in order to damage it and to prevent the Palestinians from using it in the future," said Dahlan.

He asserted that he had addressed several world countries who want to see the withdrawal succeeding, which included a briefing on all the settlers practices against the Palestinian residents.

Asked about the settlers assaults on Palestinians west of Kahn Younis in southern Gaza Strip, Dahlan said "such attacks on Palestinians are not new, they took the Palestinians lands after they were protected by their army."

"Instead of using force in order to prevent these assaults on Palestinian residents, the Israeli army is protecting them and help them repressing the Palestinians by tightening the siege imposed on them," said Dahlan.

On terminals and crossings controlled by Israel, Dahlan said that there are still many outstanding issues that both Israel and the Palestinians have not yet agreed upon, adding that he hopes the Israelis would agree on easing the people's daily life.

"In case Israel doesn't ease its measures on crossings and terminals, this means that Israel is not withdrawing from the Gaza Strip, it means that Israel is deepening its occupation," said Dahlan.

Source: Xinhua

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