African party officials speak highly of China's environmental protection

Party officials from nine African countries visited a national nature reserve in Qiqihar of Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province in Qiqihar on June 26 and spoke highly of the environmental protection measures China has implemented.

Allele Elhadji Habibou from Niger, also head of the delegation, said when visiting the Zhalong nature reserve that China has made fruitful achievements in natural protection that help improve people's living condition.

"Human beings should protect all the species on the earth like this, which will contribute to their own world," he said.

Abdillahi Adaweh Mireh praised people here for having a good sense of environmental protection.

"The environmental protection needs coordinated efforts from both the state and the people. African countries have much to learn from China in this regard," he said.

The Zhalong national nature reserve is famous for its 210,000 hectares of wetland and the various species of cranes living there. It is listed as one of the most important wetlands across the world. The World Wildlife Fund has awarded the wetlands in Heilongjiang as "A Gift to the Earth" this year. Among all the 15 kinds of cranes existing in the world, six are living in the Zhalong nature reserve. The number of the red-crowned crane living there accounts for one-fifth of the world's total.

The delegation also visited the Second Machine Tools Factory in Qiqihar, a traditional industrial city.

Invited by the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the delegation is composed of representatives from ruling parties of nine African countries, including Seychelles People's Progressive Front, Rwandese Patriotic Front, Cameroun People's Democratic Rally, Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, Rally of the Togolese People, Tiako I Mada-gasikara, National Movement for Social Development of Niger, Party of Unity and Progress of Guinea, Popular Rally for Progress of Djibouti.

Source: Xinhua

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