Chorus marks anniversary of anti-invasion victory, birthday of composer

A chorus festival was held over the weekend in Linfen, a city in north China's Shanxi Province, to mark the 60th anniversary of Chinese people's victory of the anti- Japanese invasion war.

The event was also held to observe the centennial birthday of Xian Xinghai, the great Chinese revolutionary musician who composed the "the Yellow River Cantata" in 1939, which inspired the Chinese people to stand up against Japanese aggression.

More than 1,000 singers from four glee clubs composed of overseas Chinese from Singapore, Malaysia and Australia and three local ones in Shanxi staged a chorus with the mighty Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River as the background on Sunday.

The grand waterfall was the very site that triggered the inspiration of poet Guang Weiran for his verses on the river regarded as the cradle of the Chinese civilization, for which Xian Xinghai composed the chorus music.

More than 10,000 people viewed the chorus performance during the festival, organizers said.

Source: Xinhua

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