Chinese Li surname history

In Chinese history, people with surname Li established the most states, which is quite unusual in the Chinese surname history. More than 60 people with surname Li proclaimed themselves emperors in history, establishing the states such as Da Cheng, Western Liang, Liang, Wu, Wei, Tang, Chu, Later Tang, Southern Tang, Da Shu, Western Xia and Da Shun.

Among all the above-mentioned states, Tang Dynasty (618 -- 907 A.D.) is the one that deserves the most attention. Tang Dynasty lasted for 290 years and 24 emperors successively ruled China. Tang Dynasty, especially the former part, with vast territory, was powerful and prosperous, and reached its peak in the latter half of the seventh century. Geographically speaking, Tang's territory extended from the Lake Baikal and the upper reaches of Yenisei River in the north to Caspian Sea in the northwest as well as to Japan Sea in the northeast.

Historically speaking, Tang Dynasty gained great fame and high prestige in the world. In terms of foreign affairs, foreign countries paid tribute to the central government, and Emperor Taizong was deeply respected as "Heavenly Khan"; in terms of domestic affairs, politics was honest and enlightened, and people lived and work in peace and contentment. "The prosperity of Zhenguan" and "The heyday of Kaiyuan" were crowned with eternal glory, creating the sagacious governance of Li family.

Apart from Tang Dynasty, people with surname Li also established other state in Chinese history: Li Xian proclaimed himself emperor at the beginning of Eastern Han and established state in Lujiang county; Li Xiong founded Da Cheng state in Western Jin Dynasty; Li Gao established Western Liang state in western Gansu province; Li Gui proclaimed himself Emperor of Liang in late Sui Dynasty; Li Zitong proclaimed himself emperor of Wu in Yangzhou; Li Mi proclaimed himself emperor of Wei in Luokou; Li Bian proclaimed himself emperor of Da Shu; Li Cunxu of Shatuo nationality established Later Tang Dynasty; Li Yuanhao of Dangxiang nationality established Western Xia Dynasty and Li Zicheng established Da Shun State.

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