Three proposals to foster world cultural diversity

Curtain dropped on June 8 on the two-day Second ASEM (the Asia-Europe Meeting) Conference on Cultures and Civilizations in Paris. The meeting adopted the Chairman's Statement and Culture Ministers Action Plan.

The conference was proposed by eight Asian and European countries including China and France. Attending the meeting were delegations from 36 ASEM member states as well as representatives from the EU Commission, the UNESCO and the Asia-Europe Foundation.

Chinese Vice Culture Minister Meng Xiaosi made three proposals in his speech regarding implementing the measures advanced at the Fifth ASEM Summit, promoting world culture diversity and the joint development of different cultures.

The first is to further consolidate the mechanism of the ASEM Conference on Cultures and Civilizations.

The second is to further encourage the holding of international art festivals, exhibitions, meetings and other cultural activities among the ASEM member states.

The third is to further enhance the coordination and cooperation among the ASEM member states within the UNESCO framework, improve international legislation so as to effectively maintain and promote the diversified development of world cultures.

By People's Daily Online

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