More than 200 Chinese counties have no lawyers

Although the number of lawyers in China has reached 114,000, 206 out of China's 2,000 counties still have no lawyers.

The latest statistics from the Ministry of Justice showed that China has 114,000 lawyers and 11,691 law firms. Chinese lawyers handle more than 1.5 million accusations every year.

But, the law firms are unevenly distributed in the country. The number of lawyers in underdeveloped central and western parts of China falls short of demand.

In a bid to help poor citizens go to court, the Law of Lawyers stipulates that every lawyer must offer legal aid in at least two cases a year. Thanks to implementation of the law, Chinese lawyers offer legal aid in 103,000 cases every year.

Since 2002, full-time government lawyers and full-time company lawyers have appeared in China. After trial operation at some designated units for three years, the practice has been introduced to more governmental departments and companies. At present, 1,817 lawyers are working in 633 governmental departments and 733 lawyers are working in 162 companies. Full-time government lawyers have helped improve the government's capability of governing according to law.

Although the contingent of lawyers grows rapidly, the number of lawyers still can not meet the demand. In addition, China lacks legal professionals with rich experience in handling international disputes.

Source: Xinhua

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