Chinese Qian surname history

The surname Qian is anther important surname in the various families surnames in China and is at the second place in Various Families Surnames compiled in Song Dynasty.

According to the legend, in the Zhou Dynasty, Peng Fu, the offspring of the legendary God of Longevity Peng Zu, took charge of money in the court and was called "financial scholar-official". The Peng family was very prosperous at that time, and his offspring took their ancestor's post in the court as an honor. Later, they adopted "Qian" (the Chinese character carrying the meaning of money) as their family name. At that point, the Chinese surname Qian came into being. Since the surname Qian developed from and shared the same ancestry with surname Peng in the historical sense, people with surname Qian and surname Peng often thought they were of the same family.

The earliest dwelling place of the Qian family was around Xiapi, and their offspring moved to Xuzhou, Wucheng, Changxing and Gaomi as well as other rather populous places in Qin and Han Dynasties. After Sui and Tang Dynasties, the Qian family was in full flourish, extending over the south of the Yangtze River and later moving to Taiwan and overseas. Nowadays Qian family not only resides across the country, but also distributes largely in the overseas Chinese communities, with the total population standing at 2.7 million.

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