Official refutes "China threat" to energy security

"China imported 120 mln tons of crude oil in 2004. This amount is basically the same to that of France and Germany. But China exported 90 mln tons of coal too. How come China becomes a threat?"Zhang Guobao, vice director of the State Development and Reform Commission refuted some countries'criticism on China at the "summit forum for China's energy strategy"at the 8th Beijing International High-tech Expo.

The claim that China's increasing demand for energy poses threat to the world is totally groundless, Zhang said. In 2004, China's per capita energy consumption was only 1.1 toe (ton of oil equivalent), but the number was 7.9 toe and 4 toe in the US and Japan respectively. In regard to electricity, the per capita installed capacity in China is 0.3 kilowatt, just 10 percent of that in the US.

Zhang pointed out that China's economic growth is not a threat but an opportunity to the world. Many corporations have found business opportunities out of China's rapid growth.

By People's Daily Online

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