Over 1000 jurors in Beijing passed through examination

April 23 saw 1342 people's juries of Beijing walked into 18 examination rooms located respectively in courts at different levels in Beijing for jury qualification examination prior to their assumption of the job which is jointly organized by Beijing High People's Court and Judicial Bureau. Whoever passed the examination will receive a certificate of qualification training issued by the Supreme People's Court. As the first batch of people's juries after the jury system reform in Beijing they will "participate in all hearing activities of people's courts according to the law, enjoying the same rights as do the judges except that for a presiding judge after their assumption of the post."

Last August, the 11t h meeting of the 10th NPC Standing Committee passed by approving the "resolution on improving the people's jury system". It will enter into force the coming May 1. The resolution stipulates that the people's jury with the recommendation at the basic level or self-application, after the checkup and examination by the people's court at the basic level together with the judicial administration of the people's government of the same level is to be handed in to the standing committee of the people's congress of the same level for appointment.

Zhai Jingmin, a responsible person of the political department of the municipal high people's court said the examination organized by the municipal high people's court and the judicial bureau is for the people's juries to play a better role after the coming May 1. In regard of those juries who failed to pass the examination the court will offer them opportunity for a "make-up retraining" and "reexamination", thereby making them finally to go up to the standard for the assumption of the post.

By People's Daily Online

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