Ancient musical instruments unearthed in E. China

After nearly two years'excavation, archeologists have found a huge underground storeroom for musical instruments at a tomb of state of Yue in Wuxi, east China's Jiangsu Province. More than 500 pieces of celadon musical instruments including three extremely rare Fous are unearthed. The quantity and quality of the musical instruments can be compared with the chime bells unearthed from the Zenghouyi tomb of the Warring State Period.

Discovery of so many celadon musical instruments in one tomb is very rarely seen. The huge storeroom of musical instruments embodies colorful music life in ancient time, and the finding fills the void of historical material for ancient music culture in southeast China, said Prof. Wu Guodong, expert of Chinese folk music and president of the Nanjing Art Academy.

Among the celadon instruments are three-foot Fou, Dingning, Niuduo, Yongzhong, Qing, etc. The Fou, Duo and are musical instruments of the state of Yue discovered in China for the first time.

In a long period of time people have no idea what Fou looks like. The unearthed instrument gives answer to this question.

The celadon Ju, a column-shaped base on which musical instruments are hung is discovered in China for the first time too.

By People's Daily Online

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