Japan should never be allowed to sit on UNSC: DPRK journal

Japan is now becoming desperate in its bid for permanent membership of the UN Security Council. This fully betrays its shameless and cunning moves to emerge a political power and realize its dream for overseas expansion by taking advantage of this position. DPRK' journal Minju Joson Tuesday says this in a signed commentary.

Referring to the fact that the Japanese Foreign Ministry recently worked out a "diplomatic blue book" which clarifies that the main target of Japan's diplomacy this year is to "get permanent membership of the UNSC and make international contributions commensurate with its status, the commentary goes on:

Japan has no elementary qualification to be even a member nation of the UN, much less becoming a UNSC permanent member.

The past history of Japan is recorded with bloody wars of aggression fought against humankind.

Japan is now working hard to repeat the above-said history, zealously whitewashing and beautifying it.

Japan should not be allowed to make a pitch for permanent membership of the UNSC in view of the international community's cool reaction to it and in the light of the purpose of the UN reform.

The world should select only those responsible countries which have made great contributions to defending global peace and security and can do so in future as permanent members of the UNSC.

But if permanent membership is given to such countries which persistently commit crimes against humanity in pursuit of selfish interests as Japan, it will not lead the UN to reform but to a collapse and herald its doom. This will be as clear as daylight.

All the countries should ponder over the political upheaval and grave consequences to be entailed by Japan's pitch for UNSC permanent membership.

Japan's dream for this would never come true unless it totally redresses its crime-woven past history and starts with a clean slate.

Source: Xinhua

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