China summons Japanese ambassador over history textbook issue

The Chinese government on Tuesday voiced indignation over Japanese government's approval of history textbooks that distort history.

Qiao Zonghuai, a high-ranking official at the Chinese foreign ministry, summoned Japanese ambassador Koreshige Anami and lodged a solemn objection to the Japanese government's approval of history textbooks that deny historical facts and beautify Japanese aggression.

Qiao noted that the Japanese government announced Tuesday that all the eight history textbooks for high schools submitted for approval are qualified, yet among them are those compiled by right-wing force which deny and beautify Japanese aggression during World War II.

"The Chinese government is indignant at the Japanese government for its approval of such textbooks that distort history in disregard of repeated representations from China," Qiao said.

"The textbook issue largely determines whether Japan can appropriately treat its militaristic history of aggression and instill in its young citizens a right perception of that history," Qiao said.

"The textbooks compiled by right-wing force try to justify and glorify Japan's militarist past, defying justice and morality. The approval of the textbooks will cause severe harm to people from all Asian countries and poison Japanese juveniles."

"The textbooks will be vehemently condemned by people from all Asian countries that were victimized by Japan, including the Chinese," he said.

"We strongly urge the Japanese government to honestly honor its commitment of expressing remorse for its militaristic history, and take effective measures to eliminate the odious impact of the issue," Qiao said.

The new-edition history textbooks were officially approved by Japanese Ministry of Education.

On Tuesday afternoon, Chinese ambassador to Japan Wang Yi also made representations to the Japanese government in Tokyo, expounding China's stance on the history textbook issue.

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