Framework for rural welfare drafted

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security has mapped out the framework for the rural welfare. A rural pension insurance system will be initiated first in relatively developed areas and for the affluent population, then pushed forward to less developed areas and the poor.

Social security system has increasingly been improved these years in urban areas. But the 800 million rural population which accounts for nearly two-thirds of the national population are still not protected by the social security system due to the low productivity and unbalanced economic development.

The undertaking began in 1986 and pilot projects were launched in 1991. By then end of 2003, 1.5 billion yuan had been paid to 19.8 million farmers.

Qingdao city in east China's Shandong Province has its rules, albeit provisional, for pension for migrant workers, effective in April 1. The message is: the government will ensure the welfare for migrant workers with law.

There are 99 million farmers-turned workers working outside their hometowns. And there are also 136 million workers with township enterprises. The way o f their welfare varies.

Whatever way it may be, China is exploring the way to give an easier and flexible rural welfare system.

By People's Daily Online

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