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UPDATED: 17:27, March 30, 2005
Sales of Asahi Beer that supports Japan's history textbook rejected in Changchun
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The compilation committee of Japan's new history textbooks distorts Japanese history of aggression against China by alleging that China and DPRK were the countries "causing injury to Japan", at the juncture when the compilation committee found it hard to keep itself going, Asahi Beer, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and many other large enterprises inclined to the Right-wing provided it with ample funds, an honorary advisor to Asahi Beer openly declared at a compilation committee report (history): "Politicians who do not pay visit to the Yasukuni Shrine are unqualified to hold power."

Photo:Asahi Beer hurts Chinese feelings.
Asahi Beer hurts Chinese feelings.
The news released by media report about Japan's new history textbook compilation committee, which is financially supported by Asahi Beer and other Japanese large enterprises, tampered with the history of Japanese troops' aggression against China. The news has aroused the concerns of the common people in Jilin Province in the past two days. Many readers have given phone calls to People's Daily, expressing their indignations against the practice of these enterprises. This reporter, Xu Depeng has learned from some supermarkets, and Japanese and South Korean restaurants in Changchun City of Jilin Province that affected by the news report, the sales volume of Asahi Beer began a downturn from yesterday.

Readers' reaction: People are indignant at Asahi Beer's practice
In the early morning of yesterday, Changchun citizen Mr. Li gave a phone call to People's Daily, saying: "Now people are burning with anger at the practice of Asahi Beer and other enterprises which went so far as to openly support Japan's adulteration of the history of its aggressive war against China. He said, "I drank Asahi Beer at ordinary time, but if Asahi Beer does not apologize to China for its misconduct, I'm determined to cease drinking it. Mr. Ma who teaches history at a middle school said some Japanese enterprises went so far as to clearly indicate that China was the country "causing injury to Japan", while these businesses expressed their stand of opposite to China, they were selling their products in China to make profits, this is something intolerable to the Chinese. In the phone call, he kept repeating these words: "To safeguard the dignity of the Chinese, I decide not to drink Asahi Beer."

Photo:Samples of textbooks compiled by the Right wing. Such history-distortion textbooks openly fan up anti-China sentiments among Japanese youngsters.
Samples of textbooks compiled by the Right wing. Such history-distortion textbooks openly fan up anti-China sentiments among Japanese youngsters.
Up to the press time, PD had received nearly one hundred such phone calls.

Catering enterprises: Sale volume of Asahi Beer goes down
This reporter visited some barrooms and eateries, he discovered that many of them had shifted Asahi Beer from the original conspicuous place to a not so showy position. The sales volume of Asahi Beer sold in many restaurants had tended to decline, on the other hand, the sales volumes of other kinds of beer of similar price and quality had climbed considerably. An eater who was ordering his dishes told this reporter that he was a regular customer coming to drink Asahi Beer, but after reading the report he resented very much to this brand of beer, instead he chose other brands of beer.

Photo:Japan's new history textbook distorts history.
Japan's new history textbook distorts history.

Supermarket: Shops have stopped selling Asahi Beer
During his news covering, this reporter discovered that a chain store of the supermarket in Changchun removed Asahi Beer from the shelf on March 26 and returned such beer to the producer. Currently in the various branch stores of the supermarket, Asahi Beer originally put on the shelf had been replaced by other brands of beer. A staff member of the supermarket said during an interview, "Compared to the harm done to national dignity, the loss of a brand of goods is nothing much to the supermarket owner, the proprietor of a store is obligated to take the lead to set an example in safeguarding national dignity." Besides, this reporter also learned that the sales volume of Asahi Beer began to fall yesterday in some supermarkets that are now discussing the matter whether to remove or keep Asahi Beer.

By People's Daily Online

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