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UPDATED: 16:21, March 30, 2005
Foreign cadets in China
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Photo:Foreign military cadets chorus
Foreign military cadets chorus "Unity Is Strength"
The International Exchange Center of Military Education with the Nanjing Army Command Institute of the Chinese People's Liberation Army trains military command officers for some foreign countries in the world annually. The cadets come from the countries in Asia, Africa, Europe Americas and Oceania with different complexions, languages and cultural backgrounds. How do they study and live in China? A few days ago the writer came into the institute out of admiration for the reputation and collected some unknown stories.

Raise cadet's national flag ahead of his arrival

Last July a military officer with a rank of lieutenant colonel from a certain country in the southern Pacific came to the institute for study. Entering the institute Sami, the officer, saw his country's national flag flying high over the square. The officer felt very excited and said to the Chinese training officer coming to receive him, "I have been to four European and American countries one after another for study. However I have never met a nation like your country to treat me like this. The national flag of the trainee's country has been raised ahead of his arrival. I have really experienced the spirit of the United Nation Charter that all countries, big or small, are equal. I have experienced the dignity of a country and the happiness to be respected....

Colonel cadet wants to "stay put''

At a graduation ceremony a foreign cadet named Smetro tenderly said, "I have been to many countries for military study. The military instructors in China have high level in teaching. There is very advanced equipment in Chinese military schools. We have learned advanced military theories and command arts. To tell the truth, I do want to be kept down.'' In recent years, the Nanjing Army Command Institute has purchased equipment including notebook computers and instant translation devices. The lecturers teaching foreign cadets include top experts of the institute and famed guest professors from both inside and outside the army.

There is "the most favorable'' for foreigners

At a teaching exchange meeting, a foreign military cadet was outspoken in his remarks, "I like visiting other places in China very much''. Each year, the institute organizes foreign cadets to visit areas including the opening cities of Guangzhou and Shanghai as well as the sacred places of revolution such as Yan'an so that the cadets can see China's beautiful scenery and experience the development of China. When visiting Lijiang. Yunnan province, a foreign cadet said, "There are scores of nationalities here. They have lived peacefully here for generations. There are two nationalities in our country. However they have fought for generations. As a matter of fact, if there are mutual respect, understanding and accommodation there is certainly peaceful coexistence....

Success made in "a class with cadets from different countries"

Several years ago the training way of foreign military cadets was that a class was composed of cadets from one country with teaching in one language. In 1992 the institute changed its traditional way of training. There came a mixed class. The class was composed of cadets from different countries. There were three specialized courses for the class. The courses include combined tactical command and military theories. The cadets of the class were taught in three languages of English, French and Russian. As a result success was made in the teaching experiment.

Photo:Cadets study information-based command technology in classroom
Cadets study information-based command technology in classroom
Special magic forms

A foreign lieutenant colonel cadet named as Tom studied hard. One evening, a leader of the training center invited him to a birthday party. The cadet asked, "For whom?''"You will know when you get there,'' answered the leader wittily. When the lieutenant colonel entered into the banquet hall he saw "Happy birthday to Tom" written in English on top of the birthday cake. He saw light suddenly and was so excited that his eyes were brimmed with tears. That was because there were two special forms on the office desks of the main leaders at the center. One form listed the national days of all the foreign cadets while another listed the birthdays of all the foreign cadets. No wonder the cadets did not understand why the Chinese drillmasters had good memory.

Foreign colonel presents medal

In the deep of a night a foreign colonel named as Diala woke up Xiao Lu, a private first class medical attendant as he suffered great pain in the belly. According to experience the attendant estimated that he might suffer from acute appendicitis. After getting permission from his superior, he sent the colonel to the General Hospital of Chinese PLA Nanjing Command Area immediately. Through checking, it was exactly acute appendicitis that the foreigner suffered from and he needed to have an operation at once. After leaving hospital, Diala presented the medal he won to Xiao Lu seriously and sincerely invited Xiao Lu to visit his own country. Diala expressed that he would entertain his savior with supreme courtesy.

President returns to his alma mater on a special trip

"It is very good to return to my alma mater'', which is words left by a president when he paid a visit to the Nanjing Army Command Institute in February this year. During the president's visit to China he remembered the Nanjing Army Command Institute where he studied 38 years before and flew to Nanjing to visit his alma mater from Xi'an on a special trip. During the period from November 1966 to October 1967 the president studied at the Nanjing Military Institute, the predecessor of the present Nanjing Army Command Institute.

Father lets his son to be retained

A foreign cadet named Suwenlai registered at the Nanjing Army Command Institute with a photo of his father with Chinese military instructor taken when his father studied at the institute. The son came to the institute for study after his father left the institute seven years later. His father Kenpeng graduated from the Nanjing Army Command Institute. When he arrived at home he told his son Suwenlai, "I have not learned enough at China and hope that you will be able to go to the Nanjing Army Command Institute for study''. Through years of efforts, Suwenlai had finally been to his father's alma mater for study.

By People's Daily Online

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