103 foreign casinos compelled to close

News from the office of the coordinating group of the special campaign to crack down on illegal gambling says that since the Spring Festival police in China have investigated more than 48,000 illegal gambling cases, arrested 146,000-odd suspects and confiscated nearly 230 million yuan worth of gambling money and material.

Since the launch of the campaign 103 casinos in neighboring countries bordering China's Yunnan, Guangxi, Heilongjiang and Jilin regions have had to be closed. Some of them shifted to other entertainment businesses after closing. Among them 81 of the 82 foreign casinos bordering Yunnan and 18 of the 28 casinos bordering Heilongjiang have closed. Other foreign casinos that have not yet closed are witnessing dismal business.

Judging by the types of the gambling cases gang gambling cases are prominent totaling 15,000. Cases involving operation of casinos reach more than 1,100. Cases involving professional gambling are more than 1,000 and those involving providing conditions for gambling are more than 4,900.

By People's Daily Online

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